Ubisoft Is Raising The Price Of 'Rainbow Six Siege' Next Month

Three out of four editions getting more expensive

Ubisoft will be raising the price of most versions of Rainbow Six Siege on February 13th, the company announced yesterday

The standard edition of the game – which currently costs about $40 USD in most stores – will be replaced by what Ubisoft calls the "Advance Edition," costing $60 USD. However, anyone who's already purchased the standard game, the company revealed on Twitter, will not have their copy of the game replaced with the Advanced. "The Standard Edition is not 'becoming' the Advanced Edition. The Standard Edition is simply being removed from the store," the company said. Effectively, Ubisoft is making a two year old game the same cost as a brand new game. 

Additionally, the Gold and Complete editions of Siege will also raise in price by, becoming $90 and $130, respectively. The Gold edition is currently retailed at $70, and the Complete at $90. The only version of the game not receiving any change in price is Siege's Starter edition, which will remain at $15. 

From a business viewpoint, this raise in price makes sense. Since its release in December 2015, the game's player count tops more than 25 million. There's a lot of buzz around Siege, and Ubisoft can bring in extra money from new players still jumping. However, given the game's age, it's hard to imagine the move will be embraced by the consumer market – no matter how justifiable it is for a business. 

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.