Ubisoft Announces Musical Exploration Game 'Ode,' Available Now

From the team behind 'Grow Home' and 'Atomega'

Ode is a new adventure game based around exploration and adventure, Ubisoft announced today, calling it "an enchanting visual and musical journey through beautiful landscapes." Check out the trailer above. 

"The player travels through four distinct musical gardens as Joy, collecting fallen stars. The more stars the player collects the greater the intensity of sound and visuals is experienced," Ubisoft said in a press release. The company is promising a game free of tutorials or guides, allowing players to explore as they see fit. 

"Ode was created with the simple goal of bringing a joyful and pleasing experience to players. This light-hearted and delightful game is unique to Ubisoft Reflections, the studio that created Grow Home, Grow Up, and recently, Atomega."

Ode is available now exclusively on PC.