Twitch Is Getting Interactive Features For Streamers

Features coming "soon"

Streamers will soon have interactive features to use during streams, Twitch announced today.

"Twitch Extensions" will allow Twitch streamers to customize their channel by giving viewers experiences they can engage with. At launch, more than 20 plugins will be available for polls, music, leaderboards and more. That said, Twitch didn't reveal when it would be launching extensions, but said it would be "soon." We'll post a comprehensive run down of the extensions available at launch further down in the article.

Furthermore, in the future Twitch will allow third party developers to work with streamers to create unique extensions, though, again, no word was given as to when this will be implemented.

"Developers will have access to free asset hosting and fanout messaging on the Extensions platform, making getting started easy," Twitch said about the platform. "Extensions will be showcased in a lightweight Extension Manager accessible to all creators, making it easier than ever for developers to connect their products with the creators that will love them."

Twitch, for many, is a way for content creators to make a living by monetizing their streams. With the Twitch Extensions, the company plans to further this initiative, adding monetary options. More information about how streamers can make money from Extensions is expected to come at the annual TwitchCon Developer Day in October.

Here's what's coming to Twitch Extensions at launch:

● Destiny Armory Overlay by Grab Games: Dive into Destiny gear, view details on perks, get class info, and more - all seamlessly incorporated into the stream.

● Gear on Amazon: This panel highlights Partners and Affiliates’ favorite products on Amazon, making it easy for viewers to find and purchase them. It also helps fans support their favorite creators, since members of the Amazon Associates program earn commissions.

● Hearthstone Match Ticker by Battlefy: Live ticker for Hearthstone tournaments on Battlefy.

● Innkeeper: Interactive Hearth Overlay by Curse: Interactive deck overlay and card tooltips.

● Isaac Tracker by Pretzel Tech: Allows viewers to view the level seed and details on items picked up while playing Binding of Isaac.

● Kappa Pet by Porcupine: A virtual pet that lives on the channel page, which responds to viewers, evolves as the stream runs, and goes to sleep when the creator is offline.

● Leaderboard by Muxy: Automatically displays the channel’s top five cheerers.

● Live Emote Reactions by Porcupine: Allows viewers to react by sharing emotes live.

● Loyalty, Music, Polls & Games by Streamlabs: Shows loyalty points, displays polls, lets viewers enter giveaways, and host mini-games.

● MasterOverwatch by Master Network: On-screen statistics overlay for Overwatch broadcasters.

OP.GGhttp://OP.GG For League of Legends by OP.GGhttp://OP.GG: Provides in-game statistics for creators, including summoner spells, runes, and masteries.

● Overlay by Muxy: One stream overlay with many interactive apps.

● Schedule by Layer One: Keep your community up to date on your scheduled Twitch events in their local timezone.

● Smart Click Maps by ExMachima:  Shows a “heatmap” of clicks, allowing viewers to suggest the creator’s next move, card, or weapon by clicking directly on the video.

● StreamLegends by Proletariat Inc: Fight monsters, loot treasure, build your channel’s town and raid together.

● Summoner Info by Legendary Builds:  A summary of the creator’s League of Legends player info with runes, masteries, most played champions, and recent ranked games.

● Teams by GameWisp: Promote a Twitch team you belong to with the Teams panel

● TRN Battlegrounds (PUBG) Live Tracker by Tracker Network: Shows live updates of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS stats. Both Overlay and Panel options available.

● TRN Destiny Live Tracker by Tracker Network : Tracks Destiny progress and loadout.

● TRN Rocket League Live Tracker by Tracker Network : Tracks Rocket League skill ratings.

● What’s Playing by Pretzel Tech: Shows what music from Pretzel is currently playing on stream.

Twitch is, by and large, the most popular video game streaming platform on the internet. In 2016, Twitch had 2.2 million unique streamers and viewers watched 292 billion minutes of content.