'Trivia Crack' Dev's Next Game, 'Orbital 1' Available Now

For free on all mobile platforms

'Trivia Crack' Dev's Next Game, 'Orbital 1' Available Now

Orbital 1, the next game from Trivia Crack developer Etermax, is available now on mobile platforms, the developer announced today. Check out the competitive real-time strategy game's new launch trailer above. 

Playing Orbital 1, players face off in three minute PvP real-time battles. Collecting cards in the game is the key to success, allowing players to "supplement your crew and assemble an invincible treasure: wreck rival troops with the monumental Mastodon or combine the brutal Hell Bite with the unstoppable Bonecrushers to pull off a deadly attack that will grant you instant victory." Card decks can be customized based on a player's best assets, weapons and defense. Players can also establish and join clubs to take on challenges, all the while vying for the for a feature in the game's Club Ranking. 

“With Orbital 1 our ambition was to bring a fresh new take on the player versus player battles, with a focus on what Etermax does the best – innovative game-play with strong social aspects,”  Orbital 1 product owner Sebastian Rezzano said in a press release. 

Orbital 1 takes place after different "societal groups" fought for domination of the universe. "The quest for power led to several wars, but in the fullness of time a spirit of fraternity spread around the galaxy, soothing tempers and bringing the different civilizations together," Etermax said about the game's story. "In an atmosphere of renewed peace, the old conflicts found a new ground in which to be resolved: the colossal Interplanetary Stadiums, where different societies come together to compete in the memory of the epic battles raged by their ancient leaders."

Orbital 1 is available now for free on all mobile devices.