Tony Hawk's 'Pro Skater' Games Are Getting Their Own Documentary

'Pretending I'm a Superman' features Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen and Neversoft veterans

Ralph D'Amato worked on eight of the Tony Hawk skateboarding games stopping with Tony Hawk's Project 8, in 2006. Eleven years later he's teamed up with director Ludvig Gür and producing a documentary, Pretending I'm a Superman, about the series that made skater culture a part of gaming culture. 

"There's a lot of people not only in the gaming population but also in the skateboarding population that were impacted by this video game series," says D'Amato. "I think it's a good time to get a little nostalgic and look back at the series in those two industries."

The pair have started a crowdfunding campaign for $75,000 to get the documentary completed. They're about 20 percent done with filming and the final product will feature contributions from Tony Hawk, the "godfather of street-skateboarding" Rodney Mullen, and Scott Pease, a Neversoft veteran that helped make the series of games a reality.

"I can't skate at all but I know almost every trick and a lot of great skateparks around the world and I've visited them. Not because I can skate, but because I saw them in the game," says Gür, who names Tony Hawk's Underground and its storytelling as an influence on his work as a film maker. 

Of course for producer D'Amato there's an added bonus to making the movie, a chance to catch up with old colleagues and relive old memories. 

"Most of the original development team we became very close and very tight because of the severity of the deadlines and the pressure that was put on the series to perform," he says. "I think in anything you look at when people are put into a pressure situation they get tighter. And if you know the Neversoft team, we worked hard and we played hard."

If the film is funded it will be released by Fall 2018, with some backers getting the chance to see it as early as May 2018.