'Tomb Raider' Studio Takes on 'The Avengers'

Watch the teaser trailer for the new Marvel spin-off from Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics

Square Enix

Yesterday Square Enix, the publisher behind the Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider games, teased a new announcement. We wondered, we speculated, we were dead wrong. Crystal Dynamics, the development studio best known for the Tomb Raider games and Eidos Montreal, the Deus Ex studio are working with Marvel on a new Avengers project.

We don't have a name but we do have the suggestion of a cast list, the teaser trailer shows a scene of devastation that's very Hulk, Mjölnir, Thor's hammer, Captain America's shield and an Iron Man glove. The voice over sounds like someone doing an impression of Scarlett Johansson who plays Black Widow in the movies. 

The announcement also teased an original story and "a universe gamers can play in for years to come." We don't have a release date but we're told to expect more details in 2018. 

Marvel Entertainment has already dominated movies, television and streaming services and there have always been Marvel characters bouncing around consoles and game genres. 2017 is no different, right now Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is currently in development at Capcom, Telltale is working on Guardians of the Galaxy and a Spider-Man game is on the way courtesy of Insomniac Games. 

If Hydra really wanted to achieve world domination, maybe it should have started a comics company.