'Titanfall' RTS Comes To Mobile This Month

'Titanfall Assault' was made in close collaboration with the 'Titanfall' team

Mobile developer Particle City and Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment are taking another stab at making a mobile Titanfall game with Titanfall Assault, releasing on iOS and Android on August 10th.

Titanfall Assault is a real time strategy game set within the Titanfall universe. In it, players can compete against other players in a host of PvP battles throughout maps inspired by those in Titanfall and Titanfall 2. Players will be able to deploy pilots, Titans or burn cards in an effort to seize hardpoints or take down enemy bases. 

"We’ve worked closely with Vince, Steve Fukuda and the rest of the Titanfall team to translate everything we love about Titanfall — including popular Pilot and Titan loadouts, key characters and battle locales — into a mobile experience," wrote Particle City CEO Larry Pacey, who co-founded the company with Respawn founder Vince Zampella, in a blog post. This close collaboration between both the Titanfall team and two business partners may ensure that Assault is a quality spinoff, faithful to its source material that will hopefully fare better than the last attempt to bring the series to mobile.

In 2015, Respawn announced it was teaming up with Korean mobile publisher Nexon to developer Android and iOS spin-off games. The first of which, announced last year, would have been the strategy card game Titanfall: Frontline had it not been canceled a few months after its initial announcement.

Assault will launch globally on August 10th for iOS and Android devices. If interested in getting in on the ground floor, the game currently has a pre-registration on Google Play that grants players an exclusive Android Titan for signing up.  on Google Play that grants players an exclusive Android Titan for signing up.