Mario Dances with Human People and It's as Uncomfortable as it Sounds

Mario gets a 'Super Mario Odyssey' Live-action music video

We've all had to adjust to seeing Nintendo's mustachioed-Mario interacting with real humans, so maybe this music video featuring the star of Super Mario Odyssey getting down with a dance troupe won't drop you into the heart of the uncanny valley.

On the bright side, the dance video is set to the theme song for the game, which has words, another shift in Nintendo Mario-game design that continues to trip me up.

The video hits with just a few more works until the release of the Nintendo Switch game. As Glixel has written about before, Super Mario Odyssey is the sort of game that might be able to give The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild a run for its near-perfect review score. You can read our impressions of time spent playing the game here. And then make sure you check out this video that shows you what one of the game's amazing 2D levels looks like.

Super Mario Odyssey hits October 27th on the Switch and, surprise, we're going to be reviewing it.