This Game Wants To Quadruple The Player Count of 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'

'Project X,' as it's currently referred, is the latest game to cash in on the success of the Battle Royale game mode

Developer Automaton is looking to increase the player count of PlayerUnknown's Battegrounds' massively popular 100-person Battle Royale game mode fourfold to 400 people all vying to be the last person standing in their game Project X.

Project X, as it's currently referred, is looking to push the boundaries in a few ways aside from its 400-player PvP Royale mode. The game is also shooting for a 12km by 12km map – 4km larger than Battlegrounds – dynamic weather, wildlife, destruction and more. It also, as the developer details, isn't limited to just one game mode. Along with the already massive 400 concurrents, Project X is expected to offer a massively multiplayer mode allowing for 1,000 players at once.

To do this, Eurogamer reports, Automaton is using a cloud-based technology called SpatialOS, developed by the company Improbable. This increases the memory space needed to run such an ambitous project by keeping data stored in a cloud, rather than solely in the game.

Project X is expected to be released sometime next year.

This isn't the first game to ape Battlegrounds success. Seeing the game – still in early access – sell more than 10 million copies, both Fortnight and Grand Theft Auto V have received their own Battle Royale game modes.