The 'Overwatch' League Expands Its Pro Teams To London And Los Angeles

Denver Nuggets president among investors

The Overwatch League is expanding once again, as today Blizzard announced new teams in Los Angeles and London.

First up, The Overwatch League is now in London, England after a purchase by Jack Etienne, founder and CEO of esports team Cloud9. Additionally, Josh Kroenke, president of the Denver Nuggets NBA team and heir to the Walmart family inheritance, and Stan Kroenke are bringing a team to Los Angeles - which makes two in the city for the League. This brings the total number of teams in the league up to nine, with teams also in New York, Boston, Shanghai and others.

The Overwatch League is the first global professional esports league. Announced last November, its spent a lot of 2017 getting set up in cities around the world. The League is expected to kick up later this year, with player signings occurring between August 1st and October 31st. It's been announced that players of the league will earn a minimum of $50,000 a year, as well as benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans.

"We applaud the creation of the Overwatch League, and couldn't be happier partnering with an organization that shares our values and vision of serving athletes, teams, and fans,” said Etienne. "We are thrilled that Cloud9’s formidable fan base throughout Europe and the UK now has a local team to call their own, and can’t wait to start representing London in the Overwatch League."

Aside from lucrative esports opportunities, Overwatch has proved a massive success for its developer, Blizzard. Back in April it was announced the game passed 30 million players worldwide.