'The Evil Within 2' Will Allow Players More Options to Play Their Own Way, Dev Says

Players will need to explore the games world to find necessary resources for crafting and upgrades

Developer Tango Gameworks is looking to allow its players a lot more autonomy with its upcoming game The Evil Within 2, the direct sequel to 2014's The Evil Within.

Protagonist Sebastian Castellanos will now weild an item the devs are calling "The Communicator," which will help the character navigate the world, finding items, objectives or even enemies throughout the game's world. The idea being, that by using the device, players will find reasons to explore the game's larger world, finding new paths around The Evil Within 2.

"In the first game you were sort of pushed through a particular path," writer Trent Haaga said. "And in this one The Communicator allows you to have several different pathways that you could opt to take."

"The gameplay is always about sort of overcoming that horror," game director John Johanas added. "We rarely put you in a situation where there's nothing that you can do about that. It's always about tackling that with the supplies that you have."

And in order to do that, the developer says with The Evil Within 2 it wants to expand player's options to play how they want -- be that stealthily or combative.

“The world of The Evil Within 2 is full of possibilities,” Johanas said. “With some of the larger stages we’ve created, we’re opening Union up to the players’ wishes and unique playstyles. Through the layout of the world, as well as the crafting and customization systems in the game, we’re providing you with the freedom to take on the challenges in front of you however you choose.”

Expanding on those points in a blog post, customizing Sebastian and his gear will be more "flexible," the developer said. Where the first game used Green Gel to upgrade both the main character and his weapons, the sequel has split that option up. Green Gel will now upgrade only Sebastian while finding weapons parts out in the world will upgrade his arsenal. This way, the developer said, players won't have to agonize over whether to upgrade themselves or their items.

Upgrading Sebastian in The Evil Within 2 will break down to five key categories: health, stealth, combat, recovery and athleticism. The developer details each in the blog post:

  • Health – Dropping some Green Gel in the Health tree will give you the chance to survive an attack that might have otherwise killed you. This is also how you increase Sebastian’s Life Gauge.

  • Stealth – In addition to an increased movement speed while crouching, the Stealth tree can allow you to perform Sneak Kills from around a corner while in cover.

  • Combat – If you’re building a more rough-and-tumble Sebastian, the Combat tree will help you increase the damage of your melee attacks and decrease the kickback when firing weapons, among other upgrades.

  • Recovery – The Recovery tree is for players who know how tough surviving this nightmare is going to be for Sebastian. Upgrades here include an increased health recovery speed when regenerating from near-death status, and the chance to automatically use a Medical Syringe when taking fatal damage.

  • Athleticism – For the Sebastian on the go, the Athleticism upgrade options will let you increase your Stamina Gauge and give you a chance to auto-avoid certain types of incoming attacks.

Lastly, one more way Tango is hoping to give its players more autonomy while playing The Evil Within 2 is through a crafting system. Players will now, for example, be able to craft their own ammo, rather than having to rely on finding it out in the world. This, however, the developer stresses again, comes back to how much the player explores the game's world.

The Evil Within 2 is expected to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 13.