'The Division' Update 1.8 Adds New Gameplay Modes and Area

Also a free trial is set to launch December 7th

Update 1.8 is available today for The Division, developer-publisher Ubisoft announced. The free update adds an entirely new area to the game and two new game modes. 

While Ubisoft doesn't give much information about the new area, West Side Pier, it did detail in depth the two new game modes: Resistance and Skirmish.

In Resistance, up to four players take on waves of enemies in Manhattan. "Using cooperative tactics is strongly encouraged, as is using the resources dropped by enemies to set up defenses or extend the battlefield," Ubisoft said about the new game mode. "The longer you can survive, the greater the rewards you’ll earn."

Skirmish will pit two teams of four against each other "in a competition to get the highest kill count in timed matches. And it’s not enough to just “down” an enemy player – you have to eliminate them to make it count."

Additionally, 1.8 will allow players to upgrade gear, boosts the challenge and rewards of the Underground DLC and changes up the way players go Rogue in the game's Dark Area. 

"To celebrate Update 1.8’s release, all of The Division’s paid DLC expansions – Underground, Survival, and Last Stand – will be freely accessible to all players from December 5th through December 10th," Ubisoft said. "And if you haven’t yet tried The Division, you’ll be able to play the full game and its DLC at no cost during the free weekend, which runs from December 7th -10th."

Ubisoft has consistently maintained The Division now for nearly two years. Released in March 2016, the game received average reviews from critics noting the game didn't exactly live up the lofty expectations its developer set for during its 2013 gameplay reveal. Despite these shortcomings, The Division made more than $330 million in its first week of release, making it "the entire gaming industry’s best selling first installment in a new franchise during that time frame."