'Shame' Meets 'The Conversation' in Next Game From 'Her Story' Creator

Sam Barlow's next game, 'Telling Lies,' will be like 'Her Story' – but with Hollywood talent and production values

Her Story design document Credit: Sam Barlow

Telling Lies is the next interactive video experience game coming from Sam Barlow, creator of 2015's award-winning Her Story, the developer announced today.

Published by Annapurna Interactive, the narrative game will expand upon the interesting video-clip research format of the beloved Her Story, allowing players to delve into multiple characters to explore the "extent to which we can ever truly know those we love," according to the press release. This new live-action game also will have higher production values and work with "creatives and talents to suit the game's ambitions."

Barlow described the game as a spiritual follow-up to Her Story, which will feature a new story, more characters and locations, according to Variety. The game will be a political thriller with three to four key characters, he said.

"Imagine Steve McQueen's Shame mashed up with The Conversation" Barlow told, Variety, adding that the 1970s, "Were such a golden age exploring the intersection of government, society and individuals."

Her Story had players researching through videos of 1994 police interviews of a woman to try and determine what happened to the woman and her missing husband.