Teen Barred From Playing Violent Games After Threatening School Shooting

“You can play all the Mario Kart you want"

After threatening to shoot up a high school, a 16-year-old Chicago teenager has been ordered to not play violent video games, The Chicago Tribune reports.

According to DuPage County prosecutors, the teenager was "annoyed" by talk on social media websites about a discredited threat that shut down two area schools over the weekend. Voicing his frustrations, he posted a video of himself playing a violent video game with the caption "Y’all need to shut up about school shootings or I’ll do one."

The following Monday, after being notified about the post, area police and school officials "acted quickly to curtail any chance of danger to our kids." The teenager appeared in DuPage County juvenile court on Tuesday where he was charged with felony disorderly conduct. He is now held on indefinite home detention.

A search of the teen's home found no weapons, and his parents say they keep none in the house. His public defender said the teenager's comments were a joke, adding that it was in poor taste.

Along with the home detention, Judge Robert Anderson ordered the teen to forfeit his cellphone over to his parents, as well as barring him from playing any violent video games.

“You can play all the Mario Kart you want,” the judge said.