Summer Vacation Comes to Blizzard's 'Heroes Of The Storm'

Surfboards, super soakers and Tychus in speedos


Blizzard loves a seasonal event almost as much as it loves puns, so it's celebrating summer in MOBA Heroes Of The Storm with the 'Sun’s Out, Guns Out' event, starting today.

There are themed 'Sun’s Out, Guns Out' loot chests filled with special portraits, sprays, skins, and mounts and a new brawl mode where you hook Stitches out of a pool. You've got until July 24 to indulge your summer fantasies. 

Starting today there's also the  ‘Sun’s Out, Guns Out’ sweepstakes, where prizes range from loot chests to a high-end gaming PC or an all-expenses-paid trip for two to BlizzCon 2017.