Study: 'PUBG' Made More Than $700 Million Last Year

Esports, mobile games and virtual reality also had a solid 2017

The rapid, immense success of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds generated more than $700 million USD last year, according to market research company SuperData.

Released in March 2017, by the end of the year Battlegrounds generated $712 million USD in total revenue, proliferating the battle royale genre across the game industry. Given we've yet to see the game slow down in terms of sales, and the fact PUBG Corp. wants the game to enter other media, it might be safe to assume the game will continue, if not accelerate, growth over 2018.

Additionally, according to SuperData, esports as a whole generated $756 million in total revenue last year, with games like Overwatch and League of Legends attracting 258 million unique views across streaming platforms. The company estimates esports will become a billion dollar industry in 2018.

Free to play games on mobile and PC games were played by 2.5 billion people played 2017, generating $82 billion USD in revenue. SuperData adds this means about one in every three people are playing some kind of free to play game. Consumers also spent a total of $14 billion USD more on mobile games than in 2016. "Games such as Arena of Valor and Fantasy Westward Journey from Asian publishers like Tencent and NetEase contributed to a 31 percent year-over-year growth for the worldwide mobile market," the company said.

Lastly, the virtual reality industry added a 37 percent increase in revenue in the extended reality industry – thanks to price cuts. "Steep Oculus Rift price cuts boosted sales and allowed the headset to outsell HTC’s Vive during the year. In the console space, PlayStation VR enjoyed positive momentum as gamers jumped at the chance to play major game franchises like Resident Evil andThe Elder Scrolls in VR," SuperData added.