'Street Fighter V' Will Make Cameo in 'The Amazing Race' This Week

Contestants will play Lee Chung "Poongko" Gon as one of their challenges


Thursday's episode of globetrotting game show The Amazing Race will feature a very familiar game, Street Fighter V. The remaining teams will need to face off with pro-players in Seoul, South Korea as one of their challenges.

The episode, 'As Easy As Stacking Cups', will follow see four teams as they travel from the small Vietnamese city of Ninh Binh to Seoul. It's the penultimate episode of season 29 The Amazing Race and the grand prize is $1 million, so rage quitting is not an option. It looks as though the contestant will face fighting game pro-player Lee Chung "Poongko" Gon during the challenges. 

According to PolygonThe Amazing Race will coach the contestants in Street Fighter V skills before they play, and if they still suck the pro player will be forced to play one-handed. If even that isn't enough to gain the advantage, the pro player will be blindfolded.