480 Hours Later: Watch This Streamer Beat His Own 'Mario Maker' Level

"It's over!"

It took him the better part of two years and more than 480 hours of trying, but Twitch streamer Failstream finally bested what can only be described as his magnum opus inside Super Mario Maker.

Beginning work on the level “Fail’s Flotilla: Final Fight” in May 2016, Failstream spent over 366 hours of full attempts and more than 115 hours of practice runs before finally besting this creature of his own design. Take a look at the video above to see him do it. But, be warned, the sheer amount of obstacles and precision needed might induce some anxiety while viewing.

Super Mario Maker is a 2015 platform game released exclusively for Nintendo's Wii U that allows its players to create their own Mario levels using a variety of styles, sprites and and items, and then upload them online for other players to try. It didn't take long for creators to start making levels as challenging as humanly possible, but the game does come with one caveat: a player can only upload a level after they themselves have completed it. This keeps people from uploading broken levels with absolutely no chance of ever being finished.

So, that said, you're seeing not only nearly two years of work in that video, you're seeing a man beat what may be one of the hardest Mario Maker levels ever made … with no help. Since May 2016, no one else has been able to try "Final Fight." The moment Failstream finally completes his creation, the streamer erupts into pure excitement. Now the rest of the world is free to give it a go.

If you'd like to try your hand at Failstreams's level, here's the course ID: 154E-0000-0358-C2FB.