Today in Games: 'Stardew Valley' on Nintendo Switch, new 'Overwatch' Map

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Credit: Stardew Valley

Sound the alarms, a game has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. it just might not be one of the ones you were expecting. Elsewhere, people are cooing over giant feathery animals, getting experimental with a new map in Overwatch's public test region, and killing time until they can have a free go at one of this year's biggest AAA multiplayer games.

Stardew Valley has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch by its creator and one-man development team Eric Barone. The game was due to arrive on Wii U but that's been cancelled in favor of the newer console. If you're an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 owner, you can play the Harvest Moon-inspired farming game (which so far has only been available on PC) much sooner: it's coming to PS4 on December 13th and Xbox the day after.

If you can't wait the few days until The Last Guardian is released, you can spoil the opening cinematic for yourself by watching it now. PlayStation Japan uploaded it to give us all a taste of the tinkly music and adorable shenanigans we can expect from the small boy and his catdogbird. For the purists who would prefer their experience remains unsullied, the game will be released in full on December 6th.

The latest Overwatch patch for the Public Test Region includes a brand new map, Oasis, which is a "shining jewel rising from the Arabian Desert," more commonly known as a fancy city. The map was revealed at BlizzCon and features a jump pad and potentially deadly traffic.

Finally, Titanfall 2 is having a free multiplayer weekend to celebrate its first DLC map, the fan-favorite (from the original game) Angel City, which is due for release on December 3rd. EA Access and Origin Access members can get started on their free shooting time on November 30th; everyone else will have to wait until Saturday. "This will feature a full offering including all maps, modes, weapons and more," says developer Respawn. Expect a new pistol, new Titan Kits and some new paid cosmetic changes including Prime Titans that change the shape of the Ion and Scorch Titans, while unlocking new sound effects and a new execution.