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'Star Citizen' Lets You Buy Virtual Land In an Unreleased Game

Costs either $50 or $100 USD

Crowdfunding backers can now pre-purchase their own plot of land in Star Citizen for "commercial, residential or industrial" use in the game's MMO component. The plots will cost either $50 or $100 of in-game currency, developer Cloud Imperium Games recently announced

The $50 version of the "UEE Land Claim License," as its called in game, entitles a purchaser to their own 4km x 4km plot of land on one of the game's planets, moons or asteroids. In the plot of land, players can set up a commercial or industrial business, as well as a residential area. 

The higher priced version guarantees a 8km x 8km plot of land that can be used for all the aforementioned reasons. Aside from the bigger space, it doesn't appear to have any additional features.  

To claim a piece of land, players will be given a "beacon" which can be inserted into the ground, thus claiming the area for the player. Other players will not be able to take the land from the original owner. 

Addressing concerns about the pest land being claimed on the first day, the developer said in a Q&A fans need not worry as the game has "billions of square kilometres of available land over many planets and moons." 

To pre-purchase your own plot of land in the game, check here at the link. For more information on the Land Claim License, check out the video above. No word yet on when the land will actually be available in the game, right now this is only a pre-purchase.

Playable in various early access forms since 2013, neither Star Citizen or its single player component Squadron 42 have a concrete release date.