Spot Luke Skywalker as 'Star Wars Battlefront II' Team Talk Story

Find out more about Commander Iden Versio and how you'll come to understand her


Hear from Lucasfilm and EA Motive in this new look the storytelling process that went into the mega anticipated Star Wars Battlefront II, which stars Imperial pilot Commander Iden Versio.

"Something we really wanted to get into with the story is to get inside and meet the people inside the Empire," says game director Mark Thompson. "So it's not just a faceless stormtrooper who is part of a legion who all believe in the same thing uniformly." 

The game is a serious undertaking and while EA DICE is developing it EA DICE  Criterion Games and Motive Studio are chipping in too. This time around there's a big focus on the story, and Iden Versio – Imperial patriot – will be the face of it. Ambitiously it spans 30 years of Star Wars lore and will feature plenty of recognizable faces, including Skywalker himself. 

The game will be released on November 17.