Data Miners Unearth New Content Potentially Coming Soon To 'Splatoon 2'

Includes new Salmon Run Maps and Grizzco weapons

Data miners recently found details of a host of new content potentially coming in the coming weeks and months to Splatoon 2, including new and old maps and weapons.

Posted on the game's Reddit page, the data miners revealed that they discovered details to the possible new content in a recent update for the game. Among the new information appears to be plans for Nintendo to reintroduce two maps from the original Splatoon: Kelp Dome and Blackbelly Skatepark. The two maps were found in the 1.1.1 update, the post says. Additionally, some placeholder images for two new maps - which were shown off in a Nintendo Direct at one point - were discovered.

The data miners also said Nintendo is testing two new Salmon Run maps. Discovered under the internal names Shakehouse and Threepoints, the new maps were introduced in update 1.1.1 and are the last of the four planned Salmon Run stages from the previous update.

There are also weapons planned for the game based on the in-game company Grizzco, including an entirely new weapon called the Squeezer, though not much is known about the weapon at this time.

While Nintendo is secretly introducing this content in the game's updates, when it plans to officially announce or reveal any of it is still completely unknown. It's worth noting that Splatoon 2 is currently at update 1.1.2.

Splatoon 2 was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on July 21st.