'Spelunky 2' Unveiled for PlayStation 4

Sequel to 2008's rogue-lite platformer from Derek Yu and Mossmouth was unveiled for the PlayStation 4 on Monday

Spelunky 2, the sequel to 2008's rogue-lite platformer from Derek Yu and Mossmouth, was unveiled for the PlayStation 4 on Monday.

Derek Yu wrote about the decision to work on a sequel in a recent post on the official PlayStation blog:

"After Spelunky was released, I took a break from game development, got married, and became a dad! During this period, I wrote a book about Spelunky’s development and my design philosophies, but mostly I spent time with my wife and daughter. As my daughter got older and the chaos began to subside, however, thoughts of Spelunky 2 started to take a real shape inside my head," he wrote. "Given what I wanted to do with the sequel, I knew the only way it could possibly get made is with my friends at BlitWorks. Sony first introduced me to them in 2013 to port Spelunky to PS3, PS Vita, and eventually PS4. I had a great experience working with them on the ports – they’re extremely professional, easy-going, and good at what they do. As far as I was concerned, Spelunky 2 would get made with Blit or it wouldn’t get made at all, since Blit was familiar with the original game and also had the skills and manpower to do the sequel justice. The only thing I wasn’t sure of was whether they would want to build a game from scratch with me, since their specialty was porting."

Yu writes that he has been working on Spelunky with Eirik Suhrke (Spelunky’s musician) as well, though the original game's programmer, Andy Hull, isn't on the team because he's working on his own game now. 

Without going into much detail, Yu says that parenthood has a big influence on the sequel's story and themes.

"For now, I’ll leave it to your imagination what it all means, but I will say that there are similarities between being a parent and working on a sequel," he write. "Both involve a lot of reflecting on the past as well as thinking about the future. With Spelunky 2, we get a chance to examine in depth what makes Spelunky unique and draw it out even more. At the same time, we need to move forward and take some risks with new ideas, keeping the series fresh for longtime fans and for ourselves."

Look for more details in the months to come.

The original game first hit Windows in 2008 and PlayStation 4 in 2014. It has enjoyed a robust player-base and positive reviews since it's release.

The news comes during PlayStation's kick-off for the Paris Games Week today, an event that PlayStation said would be one of its biggest events of the year.