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'Sonic Boom's' Knuckles gets woke

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Knuckles of 'Sonic Boom' Is Woke AF
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Knuckles of 'Sonic Boom' Is Woke AF

Knuckles is secretly a feminist. Who knew? During a recent episode of the cartoon Sonic Boom, titled "Eggman's Anti Gravity Ray," the muscly echidna took the time during a soccer match to school his friends on gender equality.

"Can the young woman break the glass ceiling and prove once and for all that a female can be just as good an athlete as a male?" Amy Rose asks as she lines up a kick.

"You know, Amy, anytime someone calls attention to the breaking of gender roles, it ultimately undermines the concept of gender equality by implying that this is an exception and not the status quo," replies Knuckles. "What? Just because I'm a meathead doesn't mean I'm not a feminist."

One of the show's writers, Alan Denton, talked about the episode on Twitter. "The worst part about writing for kids is that my friends rarely see my work. The best part is we get to do stuff like this," he wrote. "Now you know what Knuckles was doing while skipping leg day: He was out getting woke."

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