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'Hearthstone' Game Dev Details Origin Story of Arthas

'Hearthstone' Game Dev Details Origin Story of Arthas

If you're looking for a bit of gaming goofiness this Tuesday, check out this video of Hearthstone game director Ben Brode rapping about Warcraft baddie Arthas. Apparently, community pressure drove Brode to record a theme song earlier this year for Hearthstone's "Journey to Un'Goro" expansion. It was a big hit, so now Brode's back with another performance. This time, he's plugging the latest expansion, "Knights of the Frozen Throne," with a rap that details the rise and fall of the paladin Arthas in Warcraft III. Sure, it’s silly, but it's also a nice bit of nostalgia for the series' longtime fans. Now, excuse me while I go pour one out for King Terenas II. R.I.P.

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