Sombra, Mei, and Doomfist Tweaks Being Tested on 'Overwatch' PTR

Jeff Kaplan details the changes in a new developer update.

Blizzard is showing some love to a few underplayed Overwatch heroes. Sombra, Mei, and Doomfist tweaks are now live on the game's public test realm, director Jeff Kaplan says in a new developer update video.

Stealthy hacker Sombra is getting the biggest changes (yay!). Right now, she gains ultimate from hacked health packs. This lets her build up her powerful EMP ability frequently. A little too frequently. "We felt like this mechanic was playing out a little awkwardly," Kaplan says. Her ultimate generation will now be tied to her weapon damage, and Blizzard is reducing the spread of her machine pistol to compensate.

The Overwatch team is also experimenting with Sombra's hack ability. First, it's speeding up the hack time. This will make it easier to use during a fight. Second, hack also now disrupts more abilities, like Genji's double jump or Pharah's hover jet. "The question here is should these abilities be included or excluded from hack?" Kaplan says. "And perhaps are there other abilities that should be included in hack? And how should overall Sombra play out using that hacking mechanic?"

Finally, Sombra is getting extra time on her translocator. It now lasts 20 seconds instead of 15, giving players more opportunity to throw it down, stealth, get into combat, and get out.

Support hero Mei is pretty close to being well-balanced, but she could use a little help. So, Blizzard is increasing the duration of her freeze from 1.0 second to 1.5 seconds. This will make it easier to stop highly mobile heroes like Genji and Tracer, who often escape before they're fully frozen. Mei is also getting a few more icicles in her endothermic blaster.

As for Doomfist, his ammo recovery rate has increased from 0.8 seconds to 0.65 seconds per bullet. This will help him use his hand cannon more consistently as part of his combos.

Some of these changes were accidentally included in last week's Lunar New Year patch, and Kaplan issued a mea culpa in the video. "Some of you might have noticed a weird sneak preview of some of these changes and for that I apologize that mistake happened," he says.

Before signing off, Kaplan also mentions the Overwatch team is working on a few other heroes. It's been experimenting with new abilities for Hanzo, like a rapid fire shot and a horizontal leap. Symmetra and Torbjorn changes are on the way as well.