Shooter 'Drawn To Death' Will be Free on PlayStation Plus in April

David Jaffe's next game is a scribbled shooter with chainsaws and demons

The game is developed by The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency Credit: SIEA

Drawn To Death is the new shooter from David Jaffe, a guy who played major roles on God of War and Twisted Metal, but it's fair to say it looks nothing like his past works. Today PlayStation revealed that the game would be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers when it launches on April 4. 

If you're not signed up to PlayStation Plus you can still get your hands on insane looking shooter, you'll just have to pay $19.99 for it. For your money you'll get characters like Ninjaw (shark head, can throw sharks and do backflips) and weapons like the shaxe, which naturally is a cross between a shotgun and an axe. 

"God of War taught me that play mechanics are why I love making and playing games. I understand and respect that not all players feel this way. But for me, the more I do this work and the more games I play, the more I realize I love and admire games for play mechanics," says Jaffe.