See Swords, Hair and Sad Songs in 'Valkyria Revolution' Trailer

A look at the Japanese RPG about war and death. Lots of death.


The teaser trailer for Valkyria Revolution, out in North America on June 27, promises all the things that we rely on Japanese role-playing games to deliver. Hair styling that make the Kardashians look unkept, emotional ballads and swords so large they'd give Freud a panic attack.

The game is part of the series that began with Valkyria Chronicles back in 2008, but is a standalone story set in Jutland, a fictional country striving for independence from an evil empire. Intimidatingly the game features permadeath, if characters die so do their storylines. 

“We’ve discussed this quite a bit, but this time there is also the theme of death, and if a character doesn’t die, then there isn’t any fear transmitted to the player. So we’ve taken the plunge,” game director Takeshi Ozawa told Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation. 

Chrono, Xeno, and Shadow Hearts composer Yasunori Mitsuda is providing the music for the game.