See Speedrunner Beat 'Prey' in Under 20 Minutes

A 20 hour sci-fi epic compressed into 20 impressive minutes

Prey (2017) Speedrun in 19:34 DraQu

Bethesda's new survival horror System Shock-alike Prey has only been out for a few days, but that hasn't prevented dedicated speedrunners from trying to blast through the game as quickly as possible. Twitch streamer DraQu is currently the fastest, posting a video today that sees him powering through the 20-30 hour game in a hair under 20 minutes.

How does he do this? Much of it seems to be achieved by taking advantage of glitches and quirks of the environment, along with some clever use of the game's innovative GLOO Cannon to manufacture platforms that let him clamber up to areas outside of the game's environments.

Interestingly, DraQu posted another video yesterday in which he speedran the game in 44 minutes. Shaving nearly 25 minutes off his time in just one day is seriously impressive stuff.

It's an impressive feat to behold – but obviously be aware that the video is packed with spoilers, even if they are approached in an unusual way.