See Everybody's Favorite Puzzle Game 'Portal' Played in Augmented Reality

Game developer uses Microsoft's HoloLens to bring Valve's ideas to the real world

Kenny Wang

With its simple premise - using two portals to solve puzzles - and trademark humor Portal is one of the all-time greats of gaming history. Now a smart developer has combined it with Microsoft's augmented reality headset HoloLens for a serious upgrade.

Kenny Wang (a game developer from Toronto) won't just make you want to replay Portal, he'll almost make you want to cough up the $3000 it currently costs for a HoloLens development kit. Almost.  

This isn't his first cool augmented reality idea either, he set gamer hearts aflutter back in November with PokeLens, a RPG battle system for Pokemon that also used the HoloLens. 

Microsoft hasn't given us a consumer release date for HoloLens yet or even put a heavy emphasis on the gaming potential of the technology, but Wang is doing great work as an ambassador for its future potential.