See More of 'Prey' Hero Morgan Yu And Their Identity Crisis

Plus we get a look at a new alien type, the typhon Nightmare

Bethesda Softworks

You might be busy with a certain science fiction blockbuster game right now, but there's another one on the way in May. Prey is the new alien adventure from Arkane, the people behind Dishonored, and the latest trailer is all about the game's hero, Morgan Yu. 

"The player has a large role in defining who Morgan is," says Seth Shain, the game's lead system designer. "Morgan is at a point in her life where she's having an identity crisis and it's up to the player to guide Morgan along one path or another to define which version of Morgan you want to see."

At the start of the game the player can decide whether their Morgan will be male or female, but player choices throughout the game will go deeper than that. You'll decide how alien you want to go by investing in powers and your interactions with other characters will be important too. 

"There are choices based on what you want to do with the characters of the space station," says Raphaël Colantonio, Arkane's president. "Some of them are going to ask you for favors."

We also get a glimpse of one breed of the typhoon alien species, the Nightmare. Prey will be released on May 5.