See How Stephen King's 'The Shining' Inspired 'Resident Evil 7'

New 'Making Of' explains where the head of the game's murderous family got his name


In part two of its Making Of series on YouTube, the creators of Resident Evil 7 explain how horror author Stephen King and his masterpiece The Shining influenced the survival horror game and one of the game's most twisted characters, Jack Baker. 

"I've always been a big Stephen King fan," says says Morimasa Sato, scenario director. "The Shining is a big inspiration for me. In fact, the two Jacks in that film, where Jack Nicholson plays Jack Torrance are why I chose the name Jack Baker. That's how much I love it."

Sato was in charge of creating Jack Baker and describes the responsibility as stressful. He wanted Baker to have both murderous and paternal aspects to his character. 

"Jack is different from previous Resident Evil enemies," says Sato. "Because we could finally create an enemy with both human and monstrous sides."