'Sea of Thieves' Gained Over 2 Million Players in One Week

It's the fastest-selling first-party new IP on Xbox One

Credit: Rare/Microsoft

Microsoft and Rare's online pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves launched a week ago and it already has more than two million players, studio head Craig Duncan revealed today. It's now the fastest-selling first-party new IP on Xbox One, as well as the best-selling first-party title on Windows 10.

"Since launching on March 20th, we have seen an incredible number of people from around the globe playing and enjoying the game, which has led to some humbling early momentum," Duncan writes on Xbox's official website. "We have watched amazing stories unfold with a number of players working towards becoming our first Pirate Legends."

More than 100,000 players have streamed Sea of Thieves since launch, Duncan adds, resulting in more than 10 million hours watched in the last week. More than half a million new Xbox Live friendships have been made to date and over 400,000 players have joined an Xbox Club to find pirates to sail the high seas with. Last week, Rare shared that more than one million people had joined the game in its first 48 hours, at one point logging on at a rate of 5,000 per minute.

Like most successful online games, Sea of Thieves is suffering some growing pains. Rare just released the game's first client update to address some issues and says it's listening to player feedback.

"We know the response has led to some scale challenges and exposed some bugs we have addressed and will continue to address," Duncan says. "Please know that the team at Rare is working hard to tackle any player-impacting issues and this is our number one priority."