'Rocket League' Signs up as Official WWE Sponsor

"There's a massive WWE audience that may not know about our game yet"

In its first year 'Rocket League' attracted over 18 million players Credit: Psyonix

Psyonix, the studio behind the super competitive battle cars game Rocket League, just announced it has partnered with WWE and would be sponsoring the WWE's Backlash event on May 21. Glixel went straight to the studio to find out how and why the deal was made.

"Putting together a sponsorship deal with WWE was a no-brainer for us," says Jeremy Dunham, the VP of publishing at Psyonix. "We have a lot of WWE fans at the studio, so we already know how capable the WWE is when it comes to treating its sponsors and brands with care and respect on their broadcasts – we see proof of it every week. We also know that fans of the WWE have similar interests to Rocket League fans and that there's a massive WWE audience that may not know about our game yet."

Right now the deal is just for sponsorship, but we wouldn't be surprised to see the game add some WWE DLC at some point in the future. We've already had the The Fate of the Furious Dodge Charger and Back To The Future's Delorean. WWE fans are already requesting items like a Stone Cold Monster Truck, a Rock sports car and a Kurt Angle "All American" Milk Truck. 

"We didn't think we would ever be in the position to have sponsorships or partnerships with the WWE, or NBC Universal, or Warner Bros, or Mattel, or the NBA, or any of the other partners we've been lucky enough to work with," says Dunham. "It's been a great experience and real win for us and our community because of these agreements, though, and we're hopeful that we can pursue even more opportunities for Rocket League and its fans in the months and years to come."

WWE Backlash is a pay-per-view event and 2017's line-up centers around a matchup between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal.