Riot Reveals 'League of Legends' Loot Box Drop Rates

Chances of getting Nunu? Zero percent. Sorry, fans.

Credit: Riot Games

League of Legends studio Riot is opening up about the drop rates for items in its loot boxes. Called Hextech Chests, they're earned in-game, or they can be bought directly from the LoL store, and they contain a number of useful items.

Loot boxes are a hot button issue in the gaming industry at the moment. Politicians in at least two states are introducing bills to regulate them. They argue the boxes are predatory and a form of gambling for children.

Each Hextech Chest costs 125 "Riot Points" (which can be earned in-game or bought with real cash) and has a 50 percent chance to contain a skin shard, which is used to craft character skins. Riot says all skins in the system have the same odds of dropping, with the exception of Hextech exclusive skins. Riot says you also can't open three chests in a row without dropping at least one skin shard. This raises the effective drop rate to roughly 57 percent.

Champion shards have a 25 percent chance of dropping and they unlock champions (naturally). Riot says Hextech chests only drop shards for champions worth 4800BE or more. Meanwhile, an emote permanent has a 10 percent chance of showing up, while ward skin shards have an 11.5 percent chance, and summoner icon shards have a 3.5 percent chance.

League of Legends patch 8.7 is also introducing Masterwork Chests. They will cost 165 Riot Points and they have a 70 percent chance of having a skin shard. Plus, they have a 10 percent chance of dropping a bonus chest with a key, and a 3.6 percent chance of dropping a gemstone.

There are some additional rules attached to Hextech Chests. You can read about them in Riot's Crafting Guide.