'Resident Evil 7' Nearly Starred a Dog Called Diane

Find out more about the creative process that led to the 2017 survival horror hit


There are lots of interesting development anecdotes in this short 'Making Of' for Resident Evil 7, but the most interesting is the news that we almost got an evil dog in the game. 

"One of the biggest challenges in development is working out what things you can keep and what you should change," says game director Koshi Nakanishi. "In the early stages we were trying all kinds of new ideas but there are lots of things that didn't make the cut. For example looking back now, one thing I wished we could have kept was that the family used to have a pet dog. I forget its name, Diane or something, and it was part of the dinner scene."

Given that the family he's referring to, the Bakers, are twisted cannibal types and the dinner scene featured what were almost certainly human entrails, we can assume Diane was going to be more of a Resi zombie dog than a cute little poodle.

The petition for Diane the dog DLC starts now.