Report: Nintendo Looking to Strengthen Its Mobile Development Partnerships

Sources say Nintendo is talking to GungHo Online Entertainment

Nintendo's most recent mobile game, 'Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp'

Nintendo is looking to boost its mobile development by partnering with new developers, Wall Street Journal reports, citing "people familiar with the matter."

This decision, the outlet says, is the result of Nintendo's previous development schedule falling behind. Partnering with mobile developer DeNA in 2015, the company originally planned to release five mobile games by March of this year. However, as of today, the company's only released four. 

In an effort to change this pace, Wall Street Journal's sources say the company believes it can "raise the pace of new titles" by collaborating with new companies. Nitnendo will retain its partnership with DeNA and doesn't plan to take ownership stakes of any new partners. 

According to the report, Nintendo's been in talks with the Tokyo company GungHo Online Entertainment, developer of Puzzle & Dragons, though a representative for GungoHo denied any such talks occurred.

The partenship might make sense, however, as the two companies have a history with each other. As the outlet points out, Puzzle & Dragons has been ported to the Nintendo 3DS and its said in the past it's working on games for Nintendo's latest console, the Nintendo Switch. 

DeNA CEO Isao Moriyasu said his company plans to keep working with Nintendo. Speaking at a November earnings call (via Wall Street Journal), Moriyasu said the company has more smartphone games currently in the works for the company. 

Nintendo and DeNA's most recent game was Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, released in November.