Real Life 'Zelda' Event Coming to North U.S. Cities

Defenders Of The Triforce escape room event already sold out in LA and San Diego


Escape rooms are all the rage among hipsters with nothing to do on a Sunday and are basically the puzzle bits of games recreated in the physical world. There’s already been a Resident Evil version for Halloween, now Nintendo is getting involved with a Zelda themed experience for 2017. It was only announced this morning, but San Diego, Los Angeles have already sold out, and San Francisco is halfway there.  

Defenders Of The Triforce will give teams of six wannabe Links the chance to solve puzzles, hang out with Goron, Zora and the Kokiri tribes and get their hands of classic Zelda items to progress their quest – we’re guessing that means ocarinas and potions, rather than swords and boomerangs. Teams will explore the area at the same time, and it’s timed, for extra pressure. Cosplay is allowed, but swords and pointy things in general are discouraged.

The game is a collaboration with SCRAP, a company that started out in 2007 in Kyoto, Japan and basically invented the escape room phenomenon. Some of its other escape room games have included Escape From The Haunted Ship, the crime-themed The 8 Suspects and The Trial Of The Mad Fox. It's also done a game adaptation in the U.S. in the past, Real Zero Escape

"We have a lot of Nintendo and Legend Of Zelda fans on our staff and luckily for us Nintendo also has some fans of SCRAP in their office," says SCRAP's producer Doc Preuss.

"For me, every time you start up a new game and start a new adventure there's that feeling of having everything in front of you, that sense of exploration and wonder," he says.

"A lot of times that exploration and wonder, those type of feelings, are the emotions that we design our room games and our event style games around so I feel like there's a lot of overlap there. You're searching for things, you don't know what's around the next corner, you don't know what you might get when you open a box. All of those sort of emotions play really well along with Zelda."

Their U.S. locations have attracted top quality nerds from Facebook, Google, Twitter and Apple, which just makes us think of Mark Zuckerberg shouting at interns while they bang, crying, on a locked door. But maybe that's just us. Nintendo staff were fans too and that led to the collaboration that's selling out today. 

Think you have what it takes to take Link's place? The experience is traveling around eight American cities starting with San Francisco on January 31. The details can be found at the official site.