Game Developer Quantic Dream Refutes Allegations of Toxic Workplace

"We believe in justice and hope that justice will rapidly be served"

Developer Quantic Dream is reportedly looking into legal ways to fight back against allegations from last month that it fostered a toxic workplace environment. According to the developer, these accusations are "unfounded attacks," and the studio is looking into legal actions in order to "defend the reputation of our studio," Polygon reports.

Taking to its Facebook page, Quantic Dream said its been part of a "smear campaign by some [media], based on slanderous statements, the truthfulness and origin of which are questionable." 

"We categorically refute once again these allegations against the studio, its employees, and its directors," the developer said in a statement. "We want these unfounded attacks and the spread of false information to stop, for the protection of our employees."

In January, three French newspapers reported Quantic Dream fostered a toxic workplace environment, full of sexist and racist behavior. The reports pointed to founder David Cage and executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumière for allowing such an environment to exist. An accusation Cage initially denied based on who he's worked with in the past. 

"You want to talk about homophobia? I work with Ellen Page, who fights for LGBT rights,” Cage said. Ellen Page was the star of Quantic Dream's 2013 game Beyond: Two Souls. 

"You want to talk about racism? I work with Jesse Williams, who fights for civil rights in the United States ... Judge my work.” As Polygon points out, Jesse Williams, who appears in the studio's upcoming game Detroit: Become Human, is on the board of directors for The Advancement Project, which advocates for racial justice.

According to its most-recent statement, the studio said it was "[unaware of] any complaint of ‘harassment and discrimination," adding two employees' allegations were thrown out in court. A third allegation "is in a tie," it added. Quantic Dream is looking into "several other legal actions" to fight back against these accusations. 

"We believe in justice and hope that justice will rapidly be served, in a peaceful and appeased climate," the studio says, closing its statement. 

Quantic Dream's next game, the aforementioned Detroit, is expected to come out sometime this spring.