'Quake Champions' Reveals Stealthy First Champ, Nyx

A first look at one of the champions you'll be able to play in the upcoming closed beta

Nyx Chamion trailer from 'Quake Champions' Id Software

Just one day after announcing the upcoming closed beta for its PC shooter reboot Quake Champions, Bethesda and Id Software have revealed the game's first champion. In keeping with the current fashion for arena shooters that feature a cast of characters with vastly different skillsets, Quake Champions promises everything from aggressive brutes to nimble damage-dealers in its final roster. If you're the kind of player that gravitates towards Tracer or Lucio in Overwatch, Nyx – with her phase shifting "Ghost Walk" and wall-jumping skills – looks like she might be the Quake character for you. 

If lore is your thing and you care who's who and what's what in your shooters, here's Nyx's deal, pulled from the earnest official announcement: "Harnessing the energy of the sacred Fathom Orb, Nyx’s people – the Melem – have learned how to 'Ghost Walk.' By doing so they temporarily phase-shift themselves into another dimension, allowing them to bypass threats. But even the peaceful Melem call upon warriors when the need is great. As a Fathom Agent, Nyx is one of the Melem’s most skilled assassins, and an incredibly adept Ghost Walker." 

If you're wondering why everyone's fighting in Quake Champions, it all sounds a little bit Mortal Kombat based on the explanation for Nyx showing up, "when the Fathom Orb was breached by an attacker, Nyx was sent to the Orb to stop the insurgent and prevent a non-Melem from learning the Ghost Walk ability. But as soon as she touched the Orb she was pulled out of her world and ended up in the Dreamlands, an extradimensional realm where champions from the waking world are trapped in eternal battle."

Nyx will be part of the upcoming Quake Champions Closed Beta, which you can sign up for here.