'PUBG' Now Has A Deathmatch Mode

But PUBG Corp. hasn't said a word about it

PUBG Corp. silently launched a new Deathmatch game mode for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), PCGamesN reports. For whatever reason, the company's made no official announcement or statement on the game mode. 

The new mode, called "War Mode," is only accessible via the game's custom games option. Unlike PUBG's standard battle royale mode – which has players dropping onto a map with no gear or weapons – in War Mode, players can choose loadouts for players and where on the map they spawn. Additionally, players respawn after dying in the new mode, another deviation from battle royale, which gives players only one life. Check out PUBG's deathmatch, via YouTuber norovnog, in the video below.

This surprise release could be part of PUBG Corp.'s recent push towards new limited time events in PUBG. As PCGamesN points out, an official announcement or statement for War Mode could come in the coming weeks. Creator Brendan Green has stated his desires to introduce other game modes to PUBG, so War Mode could be part of that push. A story mode may also come to the game "some day" – he says he has ideas – though there aren't any current plans. 

In addition to the new game mode, a new, smaller map recently rolled out for PUBG. The new map, "Codename Savage," is currently on the game's experimental test servers

We've reached out to PUBG Corp. about its plans for the new game mode and will update the story should we hear back.