'PUBG' Is Steam's Most Played Game

Another day, another record

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is now Steam's most played game ever, according to the site Steamcharts' metrics.

Steamcharts is an ever-updating website that keeps track of Steam's concurrent player count. While it's not affiliated with Steam creator Valve, the site does say it uses Valve's official numbers and player counts.

Battlegrounds topped out at 1,348,374 concurrent players on September 16th, surpassing Dota 2's old record of 1,291,328 from March 2016. This news, it's worth pointing out, comes almost immediately after it was announced the game had passed one million concurrents for the first time.

As of writing, Battlegrounds has 1,260,551 concurrents, who've racked up 392,509,412 hours of playtime, making it still the most-played game on Steam. Dota 2 follow behind at second with about half that at 657,493 players.

Six months into early access, Battlegrounds has been purchased by more than 10 million users. The game won't be fully released until sometime later this year for PC and Xbox One. When it comes to success, though, creator Brendan Greene has his eyes set on only one game: League of Legends. Talking to gamesindustry.biz, Greene said he'd like to see Battlegrounds match League's 100 million active monthly users