'PUBG' Creator Speaks About 'Fortnite,' Shows New Map

"We have to learn how to really combat the perception that I want other peoples' games to die"

The race between PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite to be the top battle roayle game the past few months has been neck and neck, with both games breaking numerous respective records. But for PUBG creator Brendan Greene, this competition is a good thing.

"I have many thoughts. No, it's great," Greene replied about his thoughts on Fortnite during a Q&A following his panel at GDC this year. "Fortnite is getting battle royale game modes into the hands of a lot more people."

"I'm just happy that more and more people are [getting] to play the games," he added. "This year I think we're going to see a big expansion [of battle royale modes]."

For Greene, the idea that he wants to take "kill" other games with similar game modes is just false, he said. He points to the ubiquity of battle royale in the game industry, telling an anecdote about how his partner plays the new PUBG mobile game late into the night – even after she says she's going to bed.

"It's just great to see," Greene said. "I get asked this question sometimes, like, 'What're you doing to combat this?' I got it when [PUBG] came out, we were killing [H1Z1]. Or when H1 came out it was killing Arma 3. I never set out to kill any of those games. I don't want have this attitude like 'We're better than them.' ... We're all a relatively friendly group; we don't have a real-life GDC battle royale. We have to learn how to really combat the perception that I want other peoples' games to die. It's great that more people are exploring this space and more people are getting to play games."

Additionally, Greene gave a very brief look at PUBG's upcoming new map. According to the creator, the map will have a Southeast Asian feel to it and will be smaller and more intense. "It [takes me] back to my days of creating these other game modes within Arma," Greene said about the map. "I just want to try lots and lots more ideas."

Check out pictures of the map, taken on an iPhone during the panel, below.