'Prey' Reveals More About its Aliens in New Trailer

Mimics, corpse hybrid Phantoms and mind control Telepaths will be your foes in the upcoming space adventure


Right now everyone is busy deciding which alien they're going to seduce in Mass Effect: Andromeda, but Bethesda is here to remind you there's another science fiction adventure coming soon. This latest video for Arkane's Prey shows three types of Typhon alien and gives you some hints as to their special abilities. 

There's the morphing mimics, the recycled corpse Phantoms and the Telepaths that can control weak minds. You can insert your own political joke about that ability here. 

Prey is the next game from Dishonored studio Arkane and looks to be packed with a lot of the same intricate game systems to toy with. It'll be released on May 5.