Prepare to Raid With The 'Destiny: Age of Triumph' Launch Trailer

Forget the 'Destiny 2' hype for a moment as the final 'Destiny' event goes live

'Destiny: Age of Triumph' Launch Trailer Bungie

Every Destiny fan in the world is busy obsessing over the Destiny 2 teaser image that Bungie released yesterday, but it's time to go back to the original installment of the space shooter one last time for the Age Of Triumph event.

The Age Of Triumph is a real celebration about everything that made Destiny such an addiction for so many players. It features classic Destiny raids that have been updated so their light levels will satisfy more experienced guardians and new in-game rewards for completing them. There's also a special record book so players can commemorate their achievements and an unlockable, customizable real world t-shirt. You can see the full patch notes here

"For three years, Guardians have fought the Darkness. They have defended the City and everything it stands for. And hope, once lost, has sprung up in every heart. Now the City celebrates its Guardians and all they have done," says Bungie. 

You can see a round up of everything we know about Destiny 2 so far here. The Destiny 2 trailer will be released on March 30th at 10AM PT.