Prepare for 'Prey' With The Official Launch Trailer

Get a final look at the alien-infested adventure before it's out on May 5


A fancy space station in chaos, aliens that can morph into coffee mugs (and much worse) and a hero with their own crazy collection of powers. Welcome to Prey, the new science fiction from Dishonored studio Arkane. The game is out on Friday so there's a new official launch trailer to enjoy. 

This is science fiction, but science fiction with the studio's own dark twist. As well as strange telekinetic and alien powers - think BioShock's plasmids – there are all sorts of weapon to play with like a Gloo Cannon that can be used to build structures and freeze enemies.

 "There were a couple of tropes we decided to stay away from," says lead designer Ricardo Bare. "We didn’t want to do a military spaceship where everything is black metal, and we also didn’t want to do a NASA sort of thing. So we went with a corporation in space, like if Elon Musk’s company built a space station for private citizens to work at and they had tons of money, this is the kind of thing they would build."

Prey will be released on May 5 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.