Glixel Podcast E3 2017: Our Favorite Games of E3

The games that stood out to us the most, in no particular order

We've seen so many games this week – so in the space of just one hour, we each try and narrow things down to a small handful of games that really stayed with us. Everything from big blockbusters like God of War to indies like Donut County and The Artful Escape or Miguel's favorite – Rare's Xbox-exclusive Sea of Thieves. We're joined by our writers Luke Winkie and Steven T. Wright for this episode, so there are six of us blabbering on about some really awesome games.

Our goal this week was to podcast impressions from events at E3 every single night, and by golly we did it. Today is the last day of E3, and it's the last episode we'll be posting this week.

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We want to hear from you for future episodes – if you have questions, comments, or suggested topics of discussion please send a message on Twitter. We'll do our best to tackle anything you ask us – particularly during E3.