PlayStation VR Bundle Gets Price Drop

It's about $50 less than its current price point

Sony will be selling a PlayStation VR bundle for only $399 USD starting on September 1st, the company announced today.

The bundle will come with the PlayStation VR headset and the PlayStation camera. Games and the peripheral's Move Controllers must be purchased separately. This will be the core PSVR bundle going forward, the company added. The same bundles are currently being sold around $449.99 USD. 

Additionally, the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle, which comes with the headset, camera, controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds, has been discounted from $499.99 USD to $449.99 USD. 

This news comes at an interesting time in the virtual reality landscape. The HTC Vive headset recently saw its own price cut, bring it down to $599. What's more, Bloomberg recently reported HTC was looking to drop its virtual reality venture, citing anonymous sources close to the matter. That's not to say the company would be left to die, as Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey, who recently departed the company, expressed his interest in looking into the purchase of Vive. 

Sony launched its PlayStation VR peripheral on October 13th, 2016. Since then it's been a moderate success for the company, having sold over one million units