'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Has Been Played for Over 25,000 Years

Publisher Bluehole recently shared a host of in-game statistics, including just how long players have spent with the game

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is quickly becoming one of the most popular video games available. Its publisher, Bluehole, recently shared a host of in-game statistics with IGN, including how many kills players have pulled off with certain weapons, how far they've traveled and how long they've spent playing.

Most impressive, Bluepoint claims players have played more than 25,815 years of PUBG, which, IGN points out, translates to more 13 billion minutes. In that time players have traveled a total of 2,307,042,079,214 meters, almost enough distance to travel from Earth to Saturn and back, in 10,255,021 games.

Breaking down gun statistics, Bluepoint revealed assault rifles account for 56.97% of the games kills, a large margin over all other gun types. The AKM rifle currently leads the charge for most kills with a total of 114 million so far. Behind that is the M16A4 with 103 million and the M416 with 90.9 million. The most popular shotgun is the the S1897 with 56.3 million kills, the most popular SMG is the UMP9 with 62.2 million kills and the most popular sniper rifle is the SKS with 27.1 million kills. According to the data provided, the least popular gun is the P18C handgun, which so far has only raked in 555,888 kills.

In terms of total in-game deaths, guns currently account for the vast majorty, totally at about 703 million. Vehicles follow at a far second with 147 million, then grenades with 94.1 million. The longest kill a player achieved so far was at over 6,000 meters.

While these statistics are massive, it's worth noting PUBG has only been out since March, and even that's only been in early access. It might be safe to assume that as time goes on, and once the game's been released fully on PC and Xbox One sometime later this year, we may see even more incredible numbers released for the game.