Players Beat First Raid In 'Destiny 2' In Only Six Hours

Thanks to "The Legend Himself," all players have a new PvP map

It took less than six hours for Destiny 2's first raid to be beaten, unlocking a new player versus player map for all players.

The Leviathan raid was completed by a clan called "The Legend Himself," resulting in a new map in the Crucible called “Emperor’s Respite” being unlocked. 

The Legend Himself pulled off an impressive feat, as it took 10 hours to finish the first vault in Destiny 1. Being able to get through the game's challenge dungeons full of bosses and puzzles is no easy task, and Bungie itself was watching as the clan pulled it off, clapping and cheering during the final moments.

Destiny 2 was released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6th. Its expected to come to PC on October 24th. If you haven't started playing yet, here's a run-down on all the lore you need to know before hopping in to Destiny 2.